It can be scary to be faced with a blank page, knowing that what you write could mean make or break for your precious business. Well you’re in luck! I’m here to share some basic first steps to make that blank page less frightening…

Make it clear what you do.

Too often I visit a website and I have to dig around to work out exactly what they do.

  • I sell bread.
  • I do accounts.
  • I run children’s parties.
  • Or in my case, I write your blogs, website, leaflets, emails or whatever else you need putting into words.

Make it clear what’s special about what you do.

What are the specifics of who you work with or what your service produces?

  • I sell handmade, bread from locally sourced ingredients.
  • I do accounts, specialising in small businesses and those who are self-employed.
  • I run themed, craft based parties for children aged 3-13.
  • Or in my case, I write engaging words for your small business which will make people want to buy what you’re selling.

Make it clear what the benefits of using your business are.

Most people can bake bread, make a stab at their accounts (with some online tutorials!), plonk some children in front of a cake or write a page of words. Why should they pay you to do it?

  • My bread is painstakingly handmade fresh every morning in time for your breakfast run. It’s so good I’ve won awards for it. It follows a recipe that took me five years to perfect and I’m still working on exciting new recipes each and every day for you to try.
  • I’ll take the hard work out of your accounts. For an affordable fee I make sure they’re accurate and up to date at all times. I’ll make sure you’re registered with HMRC for everything you should be, especially as your business grows. AND I’ll make sure your tax return is submitted to HMRC on time every time.
  • I’ll listen to what you tell me about your birthday child and craft a personalised party experience for their big day. I’ll handle everything from invites and decorations to games, food and party bags. You can sit back, relax and enjoy their special day while I take the children on a magical adventure that will be the talk of the playground for months.
  • Or in my case, I’ll handle the writing so you can focus on what you’re best at. I’ll find the right tone of voice to suit your business and tease out the main messages you want to tell people. I’ll write you wonderfully crafted sentences that make people want to buy your products, read your blogs, give you money and be your friend.

If you’d like more help with how best to sell what you do, hop on over to my front page or get in touch.

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