I write all sorts of copy, but the work I love most revolves around brand voice, creativity and strategy. Often that looks like me finding your brand’s personality and distilling it into the way your business speaks.

My big loves are brand voice, creative copy and B2C retail copy. And I love a bit of variety, so I mix those up with a healthy dose of writing for service-based businesses, B2B brands and charities.

But I didn’t follow the conventional route to get here, and I think that’s a GOOD THING.

Unconventional. That’s me.
Or at least that’s my career.

I’ve always loved words, but I’ve never worked within an agency. And I’ve not worked in a traditional marketing role. I didn’t study for this at uni. If I’m being brutally honest, I didn’t even know copywriting was a thing until I hit my 30s.

But I fell in love with (what I now know is) copy as a teenager. I’d read everything from shampoo bottles and clothing labels to billboards and signage.

And after uni, I took a job with the National Trust.

I spent five years working for the Trust, where I wrote for exhibitions, visitor guides, recruitment ads and training materials.

 I also unblocked loos, chased escaped sheep and conserved historic interiors. It was fun!

I missed having weekends and bank holidays off, though. It was time for a change.

I moved into multi-agency emergency planning, writing documents that made sense to organisations from the voluntary sector to the military (and all in between – emergency services, I’m looking at you).

I also wrote public awareness campaigns for flood risk areas. And, er… might have done a bit of pandemic planning too.

Five years went by and, after being part of the local emergency planning for the 2012 Olympics (fascinating), I moved to Children’s Services.

There I spent almost five years (I know, always five years…) helping to shape a new service for families facing all sorts of difficulties.

I wrote booklets for practitioners across social care, health, schools and police, and leaflets for families who were often reluctant or wary of engaging.

And eventually, I realised how much I love writing when it has a real purpose and a challenge to it.

I left my job, took a risk, and followed my (nerdy copywriter) heart 🧡

When it comes to persuasive writing, fitting the tone to the audience and understanding all sorts of different people, I’ve got bucketloads of experience.

And I reckon that sets me apart from the crowd.

Plus, I’m National Trust-trained in dusting and can successfully chase (and occasionally catch) escaped sheep. And not every copywriter can say that now.

Fancy working together?