Having the right words to promote yourself online is important to any organisation, large or small. The internet is a busy, busy place and you need to stand out from your competitors. Getting the basics right is particularly crucial to start-ups, micro-businesses, small businesses and charities, who don’t have the big marketing budgets that their monster rivals do.

So, here I am, giving you 12 of my top writing tips for free (because I’m nice like that)!

  1. Know what you’re really selling. I don’t sell blocks of text. I sell increased engagement with customers, better sales for them and more time for my customers to do what they’re best at.
  2. Who are your customers and other audiences? Suppliers? Wholesalers? Know who you’re talking to.
  3. If your organisation was a person, how would they talk? You need to know this so you can use the right kind of tone and language when you write.
  4. Most people prefer reading something that sounds like someone talking to them. Write how you talk.
  5. Imagine your reader is a young teenager, and write so they’d understand what you’re saying. The simpler the better.
  6. Keep your sentences short. Not too short. And vary the length. But don’t let them get so long that they go on for lines and lines.
  7. Keep your paragraphs on the short side too. If you have a long paragraph try to break it into a few shorter ones.
  8. What is it you want the reader to do after they read? Make sure your writing has a clear ‘call to action’.
  9. Use subheadings. They break your writing into easy chunks and they help search engines scan your text.
  10. If you have good reviews or testimonials, sprinkle them through your text like this. They’re a great way to back up everything you’re telling your readers.
  11. Keep revising what you’ve written. Your business will change as it grows. Your writing will need to keep up.
  12. Know when to ask for help. You can struggle through on your own, but you’ll probably reach a point in your business where it is more cost effective to get someone else to do your writing for you. They’ll likely write better and quicker, freeing you up to spend more time where your strengths really lie.

For more hints and tips or to book a free initial chat about any writing you’d like for your business, take a look at what I do.

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