Looking for a copywriter?

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a tea-drinking copywriter from Hertfordshire and winner (mostly) of the daily battle against some pretty independently-minded hair.

I specialise in conversational copy for brands that want to be noticed – throwing in plenty of creativity and strategic thinking for good measure.

Every brand deserves its voice.

Let’s find yours.

Use your voice.

Good copy sells products,
services and ideas.

If your brand already has
a well-defined tone of voice,
this is for you.

Find your voice.

Tone of voice builds
excitement and loyalty.

If your brand doesn’t have
a well-defined tone of
voice yet, let’s fix that.

I also work with charity clients (when you dig into my background, it makes more sense than you might think).
This side of my work is often quite different from the main part of my business – find out more.

As well as the unpredictable hair I also have over fifteen years of professional writing experience across the business, public and charity sectors. I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter since 2017, and I utterly love my job.

Good stuff from the blog:

Every brand deserves its voice.