Need copy that wins business? TRUST ME on this…

Building trust is a huge part of marketing

In business, trust is everything. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. It really is that simple.

Your customer needs to trust that your product (or service) does what you say it does. They need to trust that you have the skills and experience to deliver on what you promise. And they need to trust that you won’t rip them off and run away with their money.

So, how do you build that trust?

There are lots of easy ways you can build that much-needed credibility and honesty into your copy. I’m sharing just a few to get you started…

Don’t be a stranger

OK, we might not all be happy being the centre of attention, but don’t hide behind your brand name completely. People buy from people, so at the very least give us a first name (if you’re a solo business), or a team photo (if you’re a bigger setup).

Photos are a brilliant way to build trust. This is me. Hello.

Use your about page

It’s what it’s meant for. Show people that you know what you’re doing. Tell them where you trained or built up your experience. Tell them a bit more about yourself. Be human. And add more pictures (eek).

This is my about page.

I or WE?

Trying to sound like a bigger company than you really are has its advantages, but it also comes with risks.

People can sniff out a solo business more easily than you might think. And once they spot that your ‘we’ wasn’t exactly truthful, what next? Yes, it’s a little white lie, but once doubt starts to creep in about someone it tends to stick.

Why risk it?

If you’re a one person business, that’s AMAZING. Tell people, and be proud!

Share what other people say about you

Yes, I’m talking reviews and testimonials. If you have good ones, use them! It’s a whole other layer of reassurance that you know what you’re doing, and they back up what you’re saying about yourself.

Check out loads of ways you can use those testimonials to get the biggest impact.

Use case studies

Not a million miles from testimonials and reviews, case studies are the big brother of the short recommendation. They can (and probably should) include the odd testimonial, but they go further than that.

Case studies are your chance to show your potential customers that you understand their problem, that you (or your product) solved that problem, and that they were SO happy with the results that they are up for sharing all the juice details on your website.

Need a hand with this kind of stuff? Let’s talk!

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