Sven is a carpenter. Sven has a carpentry business. Sven makes beautiful furniture.

Sven wanted a website so he could sell his beautiful furniture online.

Sven thought about all the things he’d need to do to make it the best website in the world.

  • He decided on a name, and he got a logo designed by a graphic designer.
  • He agonised over the colours he wanted to use, and finally settled on a couple.
  • He commissioned a professional photographer to take stunning shots of his product range.
  • He hired a web designer to build him a mobile-responsive website with handy apps that let people see what his furniture might look like in their own home.

But despite how beautiful it looked, people visiting his website didn’t grow to love Sven. They didn’t get to know him. They didn’t get any answers to the questions they had.

And they left without buying anything. Now Sven’s business isn’t looking too healthy.

Sven hadn’t hired a copywriter. He thought he’d just write the words himself.

Oh Sven.

Don’t cut corners.

Just because you can write words, doesn’t mean a professional won’t do it better. The words on your website (or your leaflets, or your brochure) can be in the classiest font and the brightest colour, but if they’re not the right words they won’t get the right results. The results your business deserves. Hire a copywriter.


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