I’ve been asked this one a few times recently so it’s clearly something that puzzles a few people out there. The question mainly comes from small businesses or sole traders who don’t realise that they can hire me directly. So, just to put it out there:

If you’re a small business or a sole trader, you can hire me directly.

The truth is, anyone can hire a copywriter. I even did some work for my dad. He didn’t pay me though, and he was a bit grumpy about me being “picky”. So maybe that’s my rule. I’ll work with most people, as long as you’re not my dad.

Anyway, I think of my business as having three main workstreams. There’s overlap, of course, but let’s not overcomplicate things, eh?

Some work will come through agencies or other businesses.

The kind of projects I’d list here are things like work for marketing agencies, web designers or graphic designers. They’re professionals who are doing work for a client themselves, but who need to enlist the help of a professional copywriter either because it’s a skill they don’t have in-house, or sometimes just because they have a lot of work on and need to out-source.

Then there’s work that comes from small businesses or freelancers.

This might be a one-off piece of work like a new set of wording for their website, or writing the product descriptions for the new items they’re adding to their online stock or print catalogue. Alternatively, it could be a regular or ongoing commission for blog posts, customer newsletters or email campaigns. I’m not fussy. If you’ll pay me to write it, it’s something I think I can do and I have the availability, I’ll likely say yes! If you prefer to write the words yourself but want someone to check them over and polish them up, I can help with that too.

I also do work for charities and not-for-profits (and I offer them a discount).

Big charities tend to have their own people to write their words, or they hire a big agency to run their campaigns. Small charities, on the other hand, have much fewer resources and might approach me to help them out (did I mention I offer a discount for not-for-profit organisations and charities?). I love to take on this work and the types of things I’ve done in the past include volunteer recruitment campaigns, letters to local businesses looking for support, or flyers to advertise upcoming events.

So, if you’re an agency, a small business, a big business, a freelancer, a sole trader, a charity (discount!), or someone else I’ve not mentioned in my list, you can hire me. I work with all sorts of people, as long as the work they’re after is something I can do. If it’s not something I can help with I’ll try to suggest someone who can.

Why not get in touch for a free copywriting chat today? I might just be able to make a difference to your business.

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