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Personality matters: An ode to my hairdresser

I had my hair cut today. It was long overdue and my hair and I are much happier for it.

I also had one of those ‘aha’ moments while I was there. Something clicked in explaining what I do and why it’s so important to businesses and other organisations.

My hairdresser was saying to me that they always tell their trainees that you can be the best hairdresser in the world, but if people don’t like chatting to you or trust you, you’ll fail. That’s it. If people don’t like you they won’t come back. And if they tell other people, they’ll stay away too. It’s pretty simple really.

That’s exactly why copywriting is so important to a business, freelancer, charity or any kind of organisation.

It may be especially evident in the world of hairdressing, but whatever business you’re in, personality and reputation matter.

And if you’re trying to win new business, the best way to get your personality across (before you meet someone) is in your marketing materials.

Your website. Your blog. Your leaflets. Your catalogue.

At the very least you need to come across as ‘nice’, competent and not-an-idiot.

At best, your personality shines through and people will want to work with you because they LIKE you, they TRUST you and they know they will be able to work with you. They think you sound KNOWLEDGABLE, FUN, RELIABLE and EASY TO WORK WITH.

We all have personality, and the organisations we work in do too, but people often find it hard to put that personality down on paper.

That’s where a copywriter’s skill comes in. It’s one of the main benefits you pay for when you hire a good copywriter. They’ll distill the essence of you and put that on the page for customers to see.

My hairdresser is a wise woman in many ways.

I know this makes her sound ancient. She’s really not. She’s wonderful. She’s also the one who, when I was dreadfully unhappy at work and thinking about packing it all in with no alternative to go to, uttered the perfect words

“You save up for a rainy day. Well, it sounds like it’s raining.”

So as well as a post about copywriting and personality, this is also a thank you to my hairdresser. For being great, for sorting out my unruly hair, for making me feel human again, and for good sound advice.

And I think that makes her original point perfectly.

She’s not just great at looking after my often-rebellious hair. She’s also got the personality to go with it and to make her a success.

Read more about who hires a copywriter and what copywriting is.

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