#SAVED campaign for haircare brand, INNOluxe

British brand INNOluxe, pushes the boundaries of professional hair care. Its bond builder products protect and repair hair during colouring and other traditionally ‘damaging’ processes.

INNOluxe first came to me looking for someone to wrestle their brand voice into shape and shake it up during its #SAVED campaign – so that’s exactly what I did.

The #SAVED campaign focused on pushing the boundaries of dramatic, vivid colour – with bold copy that matched the imagery in confidence.

Double page spread from the new client brochure

“After the long search for someone brave enough to write copy for one of the most disruptive hair brands in the UK, we found Megan. She has really grabbed the INNOluxe bull by the horns and has perfected our communication while we’re pushing boundaries of what’s possible with our brand and our products – something which is hard to keep up with.”
John Hubbard, co-founder of INNOluxe

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