*with a little help from the wonders of cleverly and carefully crafted copy…

If you’re looking for inspiration for creative Christmas campaigns and concepts, you might also like this post. But stick around here for the fun first, and I’ll give you a link to that one again at the end. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

If you sell things, and they’re things people might like to buy as Christmas presents, this post is for you.

In no particular order…

1. Put Christmas firmly front and centre of your homepage.

This is not the time to be shy. Make Christmas easy and painless with a short section introducing your Christmas collection and linking straight there.

2. Make it easy for customers to find the perfect gift.

Create gift sets, bundles, gift lists (‘Stocking fillers’, ‘Gifts under £20’, ‘Gifts for couples’, ‘Gifts for teens’, ‘Gifts for chocolate lovers’… you get the idea).

Take a look at all these lovely gift categories from Turtledove London’s website menu… excellent stuff (and their dungarees are as good as their gift categories).

3. Use those gift sets/bundles/lists to drive other content.

I’m talking about your social media posts and your email marketing. Speaking of which…

4. Email marketing.

Do it. Keep it simple. It works.

Hutch Cassidy does email marketing wonderfully (no, I don’t write them, yes, I do click and buy when I read them).

5. Update your product titles and/or descriptions.

Make sure your product descriptions frame your product as the perfect gift for X (or even the perfect gift for yourself!). Give your customers a nudge about who the gift would suit…

Cooking & Carafes does this well!

6. Cross-sell.

Suggest other products people might like based on what they’ve already viewed (or bought – again, email marketing works!).

7. If you can, add functionalities like these…

I’m talking wish lists, gift wrapping options, the option to send a gift receipt/invoice and to add a note. And then promote these so that people KNOW you’re offering them. That personal touch might just make the sale.

8. Can you add a gift card option?

If you can, do! Some people like to leave the final choice up to the recipient.

9. Be open about your stock levels.

If you run out of stock, tell people if you’re expecting more, and tell them when you restock. Social media is brilliant for creating a buzz around this.

10. Christmas-ify your packaging.

Unboxing matters to a lot of customers, so it might be a festive take on your brand stickers, a Christmassy thank you note or a touch of sparkle. Little touches like this make a real impression. And you can use any leftover stock next year.

11. Think about creating a gift guide!

And if you think you have enough time/ideas/resource to stop just thinking about it and make it happen, make it happen.

12. Find the pain points of Christmas and use them.

I hate that phrase ‘pain points’ but the idea works. From suggesting products as the perfect gift for X to giving handy how-to guides, suggested shopping lists for the big turkey dinner or anything that empathises with the stress of Christmas (and how to survive it), find a way to HELP your customers and they’ll repay you with their loyalty.

13. Make sure your last order date is clear.

And I mean REALLY clear – on your website, on your social, on your emails – there’s no harm in repeating it.

14. If you can, add an extended returns policy.

If someone’s shopping for Christmas in November, a 28-day return period isn’t going to work if they want the recipient to have the option to swap it!

15. And last but not least…

Don’t forget to undo all your good work after Christmas… at least until next year 🙂

And if you need a helping hand with your festive (or non-festive) copy, I’m here!

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