I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of this. Most days writing a blog post is a joy (I know you might think that’s odd but I’m a copywriter and I love my job). Sometimes, though, I feel like I’ve run out of blog ideas and can’t seem to get my head down to plan what to write in my next post.

This is where my secret weapon comes in.

It’s called preparation. I know that some days I’ll find it hard to get motivated for blogging, so I’ve put some safeguards in to make sure it doesn’t become a problem.

Here’s how.

I have a plan.

I might FEEL like I have no ideas or like I can’t plan my next post, but I know that if I open up my trusty blog spreadsheet I’ll be flooded with ideas just sitting there ready to be picked. They’re not all fully fledged and ready to go. Some of them are as simple as ‘Link it to a TV programme’ or ‘proud moments?’ but they all spark more ideas and give my brain something to hold on to.

I don’t get precious about scheduling.

When I say that, I mean I don’t have a timetable set up so that I know what I need to write and when. That works for some people, but not for me. I do know how frequently I want to post and what times of day work best, and I know I want a balance between blogs about copywriting, about wider freelancing or small business issues, and more personal ones. But I also know that I’ll write a better post if I pick something that feels like it flows on the day. So I open my plan and I read through, and I pick something that sparks my interest.

I have blog posts in reserve.

I try to work ahead of myself and have a stock of blog posts ready to go, or at least ready to polish so that they can be adapted to whatever feels right on the day. Think of it like stocking up your larder with those quick and easy last minute meals. You have the pasta and the jar of sauce, but on the day you might mix it up by adding extra cheese or some leftover veggies, depending on how you (and those you’re serving it up to) are feeling. My reserve blog posts are the same. If the mood online feels serious you’ll get something more serious. If my social media seem in a playful and whimsical mood I can tailor to that too. Win-win.

I repurpose.

Sometimes rather than starting afresh I prefer to repurpose. I might be reworking an old post, something I’ve written to go elsewhere, fleshing out a conversation from social media, or taking inspiration from something someone else has written (the key word being inspiration – not copying!).

I change up the format.

Blog posts don’t just have to be based around words. Sometimes to mix it up I throw in a post that centres on a graphic instead. They can be easier to read, easier on the eye, and, if you’re feeling stuck, working to a different medium can be easier on your brain too, and give you a boost. This works with video posts too.

What do you do when you get stuck?

I can help you get unstuck. Find more details here.

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