Blogs have been around for years now, and they’re really important to the success of your business and its website.

Too many businesses neglect their blogs. At best this means you’re missing out on potential exposure, but a poorly used blog can make you look like your business isn’t active anymore.

Here’s why a blog is so important to your business.

It brings people to your website

Simple as that. When someone finds one of your blog posts online they’re likely to click through and view at least another page or two of your website. That can’t be a bad thing can it?

You can use it to drive your social media

Do you struggle for something to say? Or for ways to entice people from a twitter or Instagram post over to your website? Blogging means you always have fresh content to talk about and a different angle to try.

It shows people that you’re trading, you’re busy and you’re on top of things

There are plenty of abandoned business websites floating around the internet. If your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in a few months (or longer!) potential customers will wonder if you’re still in business. If you’ve got an active blog it’s easy for them to see that you’re definitely a current business – and one that’s managing work well enough that they have the resources to spend on marketing themselves well.

It shows you know your stuff!

Your blog is a perfect way to share your ideas, experience and knowledge. It creates trust in you as an expert in what you do.

It gives you a platform to explore different ways of selling

This is where you can inspire your customers to invest in your products or your services. You can tell them in detail about all the wonderful things you’ve done for others, what they’ve said about you, and give them ideas of how they might benefit from doing business with you.

It shows you’re human

Anyone who’s about to spend money, especially if it’s a significant amount of money, wants to trust the person they’re buying from. You’re much more likely to get that trust if you show you’re friendly, approachable and engaging, rather than a ‘faceless’ business. It’s no secret that ‘the personal touch’ makes all the difference in business, and if your business is online a blog is the place to harness this and build some rapport with your customers.

It boosts SEO

SEO – search engine optimisation – is all to do with how well you show up in internet search results. It’s a complex business, but one of the simplest ways to encourage better SEO for your site is to produce good content, regularly. Fresh content which is rich with keywords relevant to your business will enhance your SEO and help search engines to recognise you as a genuine, respected resource for anyone searching for a business like yours.

Good business blogging takes time, effort and creativity. If that’s not your strong point I can help. Take a look at how I can help.

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