Brand voice development for hormone balance supplement company, Ovi Formulas

Launching in late 2022, Ovi Formulas creates hormone balance supplements that help women reclaim their lives.


Ovi Formulas


Mini brand strategy
Brand voice guide
Style guide
Brand messaging
Copy for website, print & packaging

Collaborating with:

Visual identity and graphic design: Andrea Barras
Website design: Nutmeg Studio


Help us build a verbal identity

With a background working for brands such as Unilever and Diageo, founder Louise understood the value of messaging and voice, and came to me to help develop Ovi’s verbal identity pre-launch.


Support meets science

As the world wakes up to the potential gut health and nutrition hold for transforming the way we manage symptoms, there’s a growing number of supplement brands on the market. In the women’s health space, these are generally either high quality but clinical in feel, or lower quality with mainstream appeal.

Ovi brings together trusted science with a brand you really want to be a part of. It bridges the gap in the market by creating high-quality supplements with the right ingredients and dosages, backed up by a strong brand presence that feels warm, supportive and empowering.


Supporting women to reclaim their lives

I built the brand language around the idea that women deserve better and that Ovi is better. We talked a lot about helping women to take control and reclaim their lives, so they no longer feel like their symptoms rule their everyday routines. And conveying Ovi’s genuinely supportive approach, confident knowledge and caring side is central to building a strong emotional connection with the consumer.


“A brilliant piece of work that is going to elevate my brand”

“Megan was thorough in her questioning, really listened and understood what I was trying to achieve and the outcome was a brilliant piece of work that is going to elevate my brand to a whole new level.”

– Louise Robbie, Founder