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Product descriptions and website copy for Marmalade Lion

The client

Gorgeously nostalgic designs? Check. Sustainably and ethically produced? Check. Practical? Check.

Family-run business Marmalade Lion is an Australian baby and children’s lifestyle brand. Their beautiful textile products are ethically-produced and sustainability sits at the core of the brand. These products are designed to be practical and to stand the tests of time AND small children.

The project

Having launched their website in 2017, Marmalade Lion had built a loyal and engaged Australian customer base on social media. They were preparing to introduce a range of their products in the Northern Hemisphere, and they wanted my help to adapt and update their online copy.

I worked with them to introduce the business to their customers, tell their founder’s story and detail the company’s approach to sustainability and ethical working.

I also rewrote a series of product descriptions to appeal to UK and US markets.

The results?

The UK website launched in Spring 2020 and, despite going live during a pandemic, it’s growing an engaged audience on this side of the world.

Alicia, the company’s founder, said:

“You’ve done an incredible job and we are extremely happy to have found you!”

I have a feeling this is just the beginning for Marmalade Lion in the UK!