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Jemima Willcox Photography

Jemima runs her own photography business offering headshots, bespoke personal branding photoshoots and commercial photography for businesses. She finds that working with words isn’t always the best use of her time.jemima on best use of skills

When Jemima was developing her personal brand portraits she wanted to bounce her ideas around with fellow freelancers, and I offered to help. I helped her develop her ideas and get what she’d already drafted polished up and ready to go online. This meant that Jemima could get on with the important business of selling the packages!

jemima on speed

My editing and polishing service is just that – I take the words you’ve already written, and you tell me how many hours you want me to spend polishing them up. The longer you hire me for, the more I can do. I don’t rewrite your words (I can do, but that’s a different service – more here). Instead, I make sure that what you’ve drafted makes sense, shift the order around to give more emphasis to some sections and suggest other information you might want to consider adding in.