Flourish Retail

The client

Sarah is a retail merchandiser and a champion of small businesses, and has all the skills smaller retailers need to make sure they’re getting their pricing right, stock holding in check, and ranges planned to perfection. She used to work for ASOS, so she knows what she’s doing.

The project

Sarah initially came to me for help with her brand voice (Andrea from Beehive Green took care of the visual identity), and we started with her website. Together we looked at ways to explain the complicated world of retail merchandising and make it accessible to smaller businesses who might not have worked with a merchandiser before.

Sarah wanted to keep the copy chatty (but still professional), with a sense of humour to lighten the tone of what can initially seem like a complicated and daunting topic.

As well as the core website pages (including the home page and services pages shown above), we also built a series of case studies and free resources (shown below) to deepen readers’ understanding of the business and how Flourish can help them.

The results?

Sarah said:

“Megan is brilliant. Sometimes I don’t quite know what it is that I want to convey, but Megan gets into my head (in a good way!), finds what is important and then puts pen to paper. Through her thorough understanding of me, my brand and my target audience, she is able to use words creatively and constructively to get across exactly what I want to say. I won’t publish anything vaguely important now without Megan’s expert eye being cast upon it!”

It’s safe to say that since we first worked together, Sarah’s become a regular fixture in my inbox for help with new services, resources, articles and more.