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Abbi Buszard, MD & founder of Grow Your Own Organic Learning

Having Megan work on your words is a bit like having a brain upgrade – she can effortlessly translate what you are trying to say but can’t articulate into fluid, well-written copy that still sounds like you. Her approach is quick and flexible: she has a simple process, clear pricing and lots of ideas, and she is very patient! Even answering the questions on her brief helped me to clarify what I was trying to do. A fantastic partner to work with, whether you are a small business or large, I would definitely recommend Megan and her wonderful wordsmithery! 

Sarah Johnson, founder of Flourish Retail

Megan is brilliant. Sometimes I don’t quite know what it is that I want to convey, but she gets into my head (in a good way!), finds what is important and then puts pen to paper. Through her thorough understanding of me, my brand and my target audience, she is able to use words creatively and constructively to get across exactly what I want to say. She’s so good that I won’t publish anything vaguely important now without her expert eye being cast upon it!

Jamie Pert, Bundle Training

Megan’s ability to quickly master complex subjects and to share key messages in a much simpler and engaging way was a huge asset on a major training and design project we recently worked on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Megan, and look forward to working together on future projects.

Jez Barnett, founder of KeraStraight

We absolutely love working with Megan. She completely understands the spirit of our brands and ensures her words goes beyond the brief to deliver what the copy needs to be achieving. Megan takes clear leadership and is inspired in creating copy that takes the reader on a journey and keeps them engaged throughout. From short sound bites to blogs to consumer brochures and web copy, Megan helps us share our story and entices salons and consumers to be part of our brands.

Rachel Balchin, founder of Bulldog Accounting

Megan was so helpful in structuring and writing copy for my new website… Meg’s experience in structuring website copy was so useful and she really walked me through what needed to be included, helping to better define my service offering and making my case studies really stand out. I’m delighted with the result and I’ve had such good feedback.

Nicole Est, Catch Your Wave

Wow! The best thing about working with Megan is that she just “gets” what you’re about and then translates that into wonderful text customized for you. I put the first draft online straight away and was so relieved, having procrastinated for so long about my website text.

Helen Gray, CEO at Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Megan took on a project to write the copy for a 30th anniversary publication on behalf of Hertfordshire Community Foundation. This involved interviewing ten groups and organisations along with a former trustee and a member of staff. The results were very impressive. She worked well to tight timescales and was quick to offer ideas and suggestions which added value to the project. We are very pleased with the finished product.

Dom Graham, Head of Marketing at Momenta Operations

I have been working with Megan on web and marketing content – she is warm and personable, easy to work with, responsive to communication and produces excellent work to deadline. She listens carefully to briefs I set and seems to almost intuitively understand my copy needs. I can highly recommend her.

Gert Nzimiro, Founder of Manwood James

Megan has done a great job in providing the copy for my startup company website. She has positioned my brand and its proposition exactly as I requested… Excellent listener and importantly gave me some good ideas throughout the very constructive process. Would highly recommend!

Nick Moon, Managing Director at Applied Resilience

I made the classic mistake of thinking I should save my money and do the content and checking myself. It was such a false economy. Not only did I put it off constantly due to other priorities, the bits I did do were nowhere near as good as Megan could have done in a fraction of the time. We are so happy with the work Megan has done. She can take, sometimes quite frankly vague, instructions and ideas and turn them into lovely words that actually achieve what you want.

Jennifer Wood, Director of Grose Design

Working with Megan has been a breeze! Whenever I have an idea all it takes is a quick chat with Megan and she delivers spot-on copywriting every time. The tone of voice, the message and overall construction of her writing is perfect. Thank you Megan – you make my life so much easier!

John Hubbard, Co-Founder at INNOluxe

After the long search for someone brave enough to write copy for one of the most disruptive hair brands in the UK, we found Megan. She’s really grabbed the INNOluxe bull by the horns and has perfected our communication while we’re pushing boundaries of what’s possible with our brand and our products – something which is hard to keep up with.

Laura Anderson, business coach

When I was writing the content for my website I got rather carried away and wrote a lot! I knew I needed to simplify it and strip it back to make it more punchy, but I was so stuck in the detail that I really struggled to get it to the point it needed to be. Megan took my work and did exactly what I wanted; stripped it back and gave it that much needed ooomph. What was so lovely was that she very much kept the essence of my original work and tone of voice, but just made it so much better. I’m really happy I found her and would highly recommend her.

Penny Badowska, Flat White Websites

We wanted to work with a specialist copywriter to improve the content of our website.  Megan got to the heart of our issue very quickly, which involved a lot of re-organising the website structure, as well as writing content for key pages.  Our website is now easier to navigate, and focusses on key aspects of our business, rather than trying to cover every single element, which is what we were doing previously.  

Richard Berks, science writer for medical charities

Throughout the whole process, Megan was a dream to work with – professional yet easy to get along with too. She instantly ‘got’ what I was trying to do, and the results were great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Andrea Boughton, director at Beehive Green Design Studio

Megan has been my go-to copywriter for client branding projects over the last couple of years and is brilliant to partner with. She always grasps the right tone for each project so the brand voice aligns perfectly with the visual identity I’ve designed! So, when I needed words for my own website where else would I go? Megan has done an amazing job of getting to the point on my new studio website with succinct copy that has exactly the right personality. She totally nailed the brief and the results are spot on. Not only that she has saved me so much time and energy – thank you!