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Cherry Pie Makes

The client

Emma from Cherry Pie Makes is one of the most creative people I know. Visual merchandiser, designer, maker, craft workshop teacher, curator of an exciting gallery space in Hertford – and mum of three.

The project

Emma came to me for help finding the right words to put the sheer variety of her work into words and explain what she really does. Or in her words:

“I set Megan the impossible task of writing copy for my website.”

We worked together on the copy for the home page of her brand new website, coming up with a way to show her personality, explain what she offers, and showcase her incredible capacity for design, imagination and creativity – as well as making it all happen!

The project also featured:

The results?

I think it’s best if I hand over to Emma here…

“I find it really hard to tell people exactly what I do as it’s so varied, but Megan attacked the challenge head on and created a bio that was clear, easy to read and full of personality. She was so precise with all the fine details and took my jumbled words and made them beautiful. Now I can proudly point people to my website and be full of confidence that they will get all the info they need to book me or make a purchase. Creative writing is a real art and Megan is a master!”

Take a sneak peek!

Visit Emma’s website.