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Selling products? A good copywriter is your secret weapon.

Seriously, good copy is powerful. It works hand-in-hand with that gorgeous packaging design and those professional product shots you had done by a commercial photographer. Together, they create that special magic that sells your stuff.

Packaging copy

Packaging copy works hard for you! It has a job to do, after all.

If you sell in-store, your copy helps your customer to make that choice to buy YOURS rather than your competitor’s. Think of it as an extra last-minute ad that can secure your sale.

It goes further than that, though. Your product sits on the shelf in your customer’s home and they see and read that copy over and over again – maybe even every day. This is your chance to make them feel like they’re really part of your brand, creating a wider experience, and encouraging them towards buying again…

Sales copy for products

It’s not just packaging copy that sells your product. Whether you need product descriptions for your website, copy for your strut cards or words for other point-of-sale materials, let’s talk.