Find your voice

A consistent brand voice helps you communicate clearly and memorably. It builds trust, speaks your customer’s language and reinforces your brand personality, making sure you stand out from the crowd. 

Your brand’s personality and tone of voice go hand-in-hand with your visual brand identity to help customers ‘get’ you from the moment they meet your brand.

Brand voice is often forgotten, though.

Let’s change that.

Small business brand strategy

Before you can develop a brand tone of voice, you really need a brand strategy. Most of my bigger clients have a brand strategy in place already, but this often isn’t the case for small businesses and startups.

If you’re a small business, I can take care of the strategy side of things alongside developing your brand’s tone of voice and key messaging.

It’s usually easiest for us to start with a chat so I can explain how it all fits together.

I help small businesses explore their brand and nail their tone of voice.

Prices for brand voice/tone of voice projects start at £1850 and usually include:

  • Brand questionnaire.
  • In-depth call (usually 60-90 minutes via telephone or Zoom) to explore your brand personality and develop your brand voice.
  • Brand voice guide covering the basics about your brand (who you are, what you do, your customers and the wider market), your personality and how that personality is translated into your brand voice. It also includes a detailed, practical look at your new brand voice so that you and your team can capture it perfectly every time you write.
  • Follow-up call so that I can introduce you to your brand voice guide and talk you through every part of it.

Interested? I can help. In fact, I love this stuff. Please let me help.