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Your brand voice matters.

Your brand’s personality and tone of voice work hand-in-hand with your visual brand identity to help customers ‘get’ you from the word go.

It’s often forgotten, though. I’ll help you find it.

I help small businesses and retailers explore their brand and nail their tone of voice.

What that process actually looks like will vary from project to project and brand to brand.

Sometimes brands come to me with an established but un-‘defined’ tone of voice. I distil the essence of that personality into a tone of voice guide that helps you and your team get the voice perfect (and consistent) every time.

Other brands might come to me with a good idea of what underpins their brand, often from working with a brand designer to come up with a logo and visual identity, but need a hand with working out how their brand ‘sounds’.

And other times still, brands come to me needing to dig right into the basics of what makes their brand special, their values, target audience, mission and more. And then work out the voice.

Whichever you might be (or anywhere in between), I can help. In fact, I love this stuff. Please let me help…