Some might say that Sarah is a retail magician. Others would say she’s a retail merchandiser. I’m not going to take sides.

What is true is that Sarah is a big champion of small businesses, and has all the skills smaller retailers need to make sure they’re getting their pricing right, stock holding in check, and ranges planned to perfection. She knows what she’s doing. She used to work for ASOS, y’know.

In a moment we’ll get to know more about this profit-boosting wonderwoman, but first, a public service announcement of bits and bobs that might be handy in the current coronavirus fun and games…

Now that’s out of the way, on to the main event!


I first got to know Sarah last year when we worked on her website together. Since then, she’s become a regular fixture in my inbox and I’m loving seeing how her business is growing and changing – as well as the businesses she works with! With two girls at home and a busy business to keep on top of, I wanted to find out how lockdown was treating her…

“I’ve found I’m less busy”, says Sarah. “I work with retailers and some have put the brakes on any external costs, but I’m now finding that a lot are coming to me to help them to get through the crisis by re-planning or helping to trade. This is a key part of what we do as merchandisers, so they’re very sensible!”

It’s not all about coronavirus, though. “I also had some projects in flight before this,” she explains, “so I’m still finishing those (working on merchandising Christmas cards at the moment!).”

Sarah’s small business shout outs

Sarah’s clients are doing amazing things despite the lockdown. Here’s a taste…

  • KnitIQ is still performing really well as people turn to knitting, which is brilliant! 
  • Astrid & Miyu are doing some fabulous social initiatives and have beautiful jewellery to cheer you up!
  • Asquith have your comfy clothes sorted for yoga or lockdown.

… and…

  • ChickFit are my go to for my online fitness – Alix has just added her new membership site so you can get exercise, recipes and motivation!
  • Cooking & Carafes (amazing Italian food blog, pasta making workshops and more) has just launched an expanded retail range, with help from my Range Plan (and you can read her Lockdown Limbo experiences here).
  • And although East of Eden have had to postpone launching their new store, they’ve done a brilliant job of launching online instead with some really beautiful products!

Thank you so much, Sarah! Check out Sarah’s business, Flourish Retail, follow her on Instagram, and have a nosey through my previous Lockdown Limbo chats here…

…and if you enjoyed those, check out my copywriting website too. Thank you ta.

Photo credits: Photos of Sarah taken by Alison Burrows. All photos taken from businesses’ own Instagram accounts.

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