Who likes pasta?

OK let’s try this… who DOESN’T like pasta? Not many people, if recent panic buying is anything to go by.

Let me introduce you to a lady who LOVES pasta….

In a mo. First, briefly, a few other bits that might (or might not) be useful during lockdown…

OK, so now…


Kate is brilliant. I mean, she’s been a brilliant friend since I first set up my own small business (through the highs and the lows…) but she’s also a brilliant business woman. And she has a day job on top of all that. In fact I think she might be a bit mad, but in a good way.

She first set up her blog, Cooking and Carafes, as a way to share her love of Italy and its food. From there, it’s grown like a focaccia rising in the oven (only joking Kate, I know focaccia isn’t supposed to rise too much…), and it’s now a flourishing small business. From pasta-making workshops and supper clubs (all on a socially-distanced hold right now) to radio appearances, food festival demonstrations and collaborations galore, Kate is always cooking up something new (see what I did there?).

Something tells me I’m losing the plot and that it’s probably time to handover to Kate and find out about how lockdown has been treating her and the business.

“Lockdown has created an unusual opportunity to really focus on my business”, she explains. “I usually work four days a week but have been furloughed, so that plus growing demand for recipe ideas (and people stockpiling pasta) have turned into a rather fortunate time for me”.

“Although I can’t run my Pasta Making Workshops, I’m busier with another side of the business – everything from blog posts and video tutorials to paid collaborations with brands like Filippo Berio and Pasta Garofalo, plus some much-needed time to work on my online shop”.

Kate’s small business shout outs!

First up, I’ve treated myself to some random eco-friendly presents for myself, including BamBaw make-up pads from &Keep, and some Moopops reusable silicone milk tops! I’ve also just bought a ‘Rosé’ sweatshirt from FWP by RAE – and I love it!

There are a whole bunch of other business shout outs I’d like to add too, for businesses who mean a lot to Cooking and Carafes and my love of Italian food (and drink)…

  • I’m so proud of my collaboration with Gabby from shopatseed. We’ve come together to sell beautiful pasta bowls on my website, but Gabby also creates so many other beautiful ceramics from plates to vases and gorgeous cups.. I’m yet to own one of these, but it’s on the list! 
  • Cate Creates – again another collaboration but Cate’s Happy Mail is one of the things I purchased to send out to my friends and family. I loved them so much I also bought some stock from Cate so people could add gift notes on Happy Mail postcards with their online orders. 
  • BeeBeeWraps – I’ve been using these for years but after introducing them in my workshops these were one of the first products I stocked for my shop. I recently received a new order and now Kath and her partner are busy processing all the orders themselves from their home instead of their warehouse to keep the team safe. I also treated myself to a new Bread BeeBee Wrap, which I love! 
  • The Wee Vinoteca – when our wine supply was running low I ordered a mixed case of Wine from Duncan and Hannah at The Wee Vinoteca. The wines are beautiful and you can select by price range or type. They’ve just welcomed a baby girl to their family so what better way to celebrate with them than by ordering some wine! 
  • Pearces Farm Shop – the team and family here did an amazing job in the run up to lockdown. They closed for a brief time but have now re-opened with all the same beautiful produce and helpful staff. 
  • Bishop’s Cave – I ordered some cheese and wine for my mum and dad, as Bishop’s Cave are doing local delivery in Bishop’s Stortford. It arrived the next day and my mum and dad were so pleased – especially because they thought it was for me at first! 

Thanks Kate! Check out her website, follow her on Instagram, and check out our previous Lockdown Limbo chats here…

…and if you enjoyed those, check out my copywriting website too. Thank you ta.

Photo credits: All photos taken from businesses’ own Instagram accounts.

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