Hello! Thanks for joining us over here at Lockdown Limbo! This series of blog posts is being written during lockdown – a very specific set of circumstances and weirdness for lots of people. My main focus right now (business-wise, at least) is to help other small or independent businesses get some exposure, and to bring a smile to their faces. Hopefully the interview that follows will have a bit of success on that front (let me know!).

If you missed the first interview, catch up with my chat with Charlie from The Mill House.

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But now, without further ado…


With an address book full of big industry names, a much-loved podcast and a published book to his name, Glenn is a pretty impressive individual! He’s also a thoroughly wonderful human. He lives on the east coast of England with his partner Ruth (she’s an artist – check out the link later on!), and his dog, Pablo.

Thankfully, Glenn’s business hasn’t been affected too badly by lockdown. “A few folks are on hold”, he tells me, “but mostly it’s about adapting the messaging and helping to guide people through. Continuing to use good copy and communication is pretty essential right now”. I’d definitely second that.

He’s also been working hard on a charity project which was dreamed up by Giles Edwards at Gasp! “We’ve used our collective podcast contact book to rustle up some of the best creatives in the business to record talks from isolation”, says Glenn. “The plan is to help share ideas and raise money for Samaritans, so they can help people struggling in isolation. It’s nice to be able to work on things like that.”

Do yourself a favour and catch up with some of this marvellous and ever-growing collection, known as #ISOLATEDTalks.

Glenn’s small business shout outs

I asked Glenn to tell me about the small businesses he and Ruth have been loving recently (and to share a link to Ruth’s work too!). This is what he said…

  • Well. I most recently bought a fancy new wallet from @trovecc. I don’t know why when I can’t leave the house, but there you go.
  • We bought an amazing print from an artist me and Ruth both love. Anna Haifisch. It arrived today from Germany. It’s ace.
  • Ruth bought some new earrings recently from a great local maker here in Grimsby called @nightimeholiday.
  • And Ruth (@ruthwildeart) herself is still selling stuff too!

“Otherwise, there are some really nice local businesses where I live and they’re doing great things to stay active”, he says. “I hope they get the help from the government they need”.

I really hope so, too…

This series of interviews is my small contribution to keeping the world of small business turning during lockdown (and hopefully beyond!). Check out Glenn’s recommendations, take a look at what he does, and while you’re at it, check out my copywriting business, too (ta!).

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Photo credits: All photos taken from businesses’ own Instagram accounts.

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