Once upon a time, there was a little girl. The little girl could hear birds singing outside her window and she could smell bread baking downstairs. Her parents must be awake already. She was feeling very content, very cosy and VERY snuggly as she blinked open her eyes.

As she lay there, she had a thought. Didn’t the man on the radio say it might snow today?

She hopped out of bed and pulled open the curtains her mum had made when her big sister had been born (she had been poorly so she was sleeping in her sister’s room; her own bed was much too high and everyone was a little worried she’d fall out, hurt herself and set her recovery back).

And yes! The world outside was a sparkly white and the light was bright and clear. Soft snowflakes tumbled down past the window to join their friends already blanketing the ground outside. It was a simply magical sight.

The girl decided it was time to go downstairs and find out what the day would bring. She stumbled downstairs, still a little sleepy but nice and toasty in her snowman pyjamas. She’d been right, Mum and Dad were already up.

“Look! It’s snowing!” cried Dad, clearly excited. “Do you want to build a snowman later?”

The little girl smiled to herself as her favourite song about a snowman filled her head.

“Oh yes yes yes I can’t wait!” she exclaimed. “I am a little hungry though”, she added, noticing the rumbling in her tummy.

So Dad made her some toast. The girl was feeling very grown up that morning so she decided to make her mum a cup of tea. Mum didn’t like the snow so the girl thought it might make her feel a little bit happier.

After breakfast, the girl decided to open her advent calendar and play with some toys while she waited for the snow to build up. After all, the more snow they had for their snowman the better. With the help of her dad, she built an amazing aeroplane out of Lego, adding a granny and a little boy as wing walkers, and skis under the plane (well, it felt only right given the weather).

It was only after building the ski-plane that the girl realised she was still in her pyjamas and it was almost lunchtime. Goodness! She bounded upstairs and pulled on her favourite winter dress, leggings and stripey socks. She finished her outfit off with a nice warm jumper. She was very pleased with her choice. She grabbed her favourite book and decided to read until lunch. It was about a girl called Polly who lives in a lighthouse with her pet puffin. It really was a treat. And then after lunch they’d go outside and play in the snow. Oh, it really was shaping up to be a simply perfect day.

Only then something happened.

Something bad.

The little girl realised that she’s actually thirty-six and that even though she doesn’t have kids herself, that doesn’t mean she can be one all day long. She went through a mental list in her head, failing to tick anything off. “Write a blog? Still to do. Read through the tax stuff? Nah. Sort out the Christmas presents? Maybe later. Do some laundry? As if.”

So she decided to sit down and write the blog. Then at least she’d have done one thing. And later she could still build that snowman with her dad, who was just as big a kid as her.

Once she’d finished, she showed what she’d written to Mum and Dad.

“Spiffing”, said Dad. “People will love it. They’ll definitely realise the difference a good, professional copywriter makes to a business, its sales, its growth and the engagement of its customers. Well done. Have a biscuit.”

“Amazing”, said Mum. “Just one thing. Have you mentioned that you’re offering 20% off your normal prices while you get the business up and running after being ill? And maybe also drop something in about the new packages you’re working on for the new year? You know, the ones for startups who want to write their own copy, to begin with, but need a bit of help? The ones that will be great value AND great fun?”.

And the little girl ALWAYS listens to her parents. So she added those bits in like they said. And they all lived happily ever after.

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