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Special offer! Ends 6th January 2018

Oh you lucky, lucky people, have I got a treat for you. A discount, no less.

I have plenty of space in my calendar this month. That’s not because I’m rubbish, I promise. It’s because I was ill for the whole of November (that’s a whole other story) and now that I’m back I have nothing booked in.

My loss – your gain!

If you sell to other businesses the chances are the Christmas period is a quiet-ish one for you. Businesses are either winding down towards the break or, if they deal with the public, they’re snowed under with customer orders. Everyone’s mind is on other things, from present buying to working out who to put next to uncle Maurice at Christmas dinner and how you’re going to find a suitable costume to dress little Maisy up as a Brussel sprout for her school play.

But if you’re a freelancer sitting there twiddling your thumbs as you wait for your next job to appear, perhaps it’s time to take advantage of the lull and show your own business some love instead? If you’re new around here, why not check out what it is that I’m good at.

Give your business a Christmas gift all of its own!

You know your customers will be back once the festivities are over and replaced with ‘New Year new you’ business goals for 2018. In the meantime, it’s time to lavish some attention on your own business.

If you too have a brain befuddled by festive planning and over-excited children/pets/spouses (delete as you wish), why not invest in your business by commissioning someone else to work on it for you? Yes, you’ve guessed it. Hire me!

All you need to do is follow these few festive steps for business happiness:

  1. Ask me about my availability to revise your content for 2018 (you never know, if this works my diary may be full by the time you’re reading this).
  2. Talk me through what you’re after so I can write you the best copy ever.
  3. Pay me (50% deposit up front, 50% on completion).
  4. Sit back and put your feet up with mince pies, mulled wine and a roaring log fire.(Alternatively, head out into the wintry cold and do your Christmas shopping, plan all your seasonal meals, write your Christmas cards, rehearse your children in the lines for their school play, try to explain to them that it’s not all about the presents, leave copious hints for what you want from your nearest and dearest, and generally try to survive it all).
  5. Reap the rewards of refreshed, revitalised copy that gives your business an edge once the customers are ready to come back in the New Year.

As a bonus Christmas special present for you all, I’m offering a discount for orders agreed with me (with deposit received) before Saturday 6th January 2018. Just mention the Christmas 2017 Discount when you enquire.

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