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Work with a winner

Last month I won something – in fact you might already know that because I talked about it here.

I won a copywriting challenge on an online professionals group I belong to. It wasn’t exactly a high-flying awards-ceremony type affair – more like five minutes spent on Facebook throwing ideas around with friends for fun – but nevertheless I won something and I’m going to enjoy that feeling.

My prize was to have a thread on the group devoted to me talking about myself. Now you might think that sounds like heaven, especially for a writer, but it didn’t half feel weird to go on about ‘me’. Having said that, now that I’ve written the piece I thought I’d share a few choice snippets.

You can always hop over to my ‘About’ page to learn the basics, but here are a few bits you may not know about me and how came to be where I am now…

  • A few odd jobs I’ve done over the years: a student job folding Christmas cards (cheaper to hire a student than buy a machine); a stint temping for a publisher whose magazines included a fortnightly one about swimming pools (no idea what they found to write about so often); and a summer working for an airport management team (I even inspected a sultan’s private jet – gold-plated loo seats anyone?).
  • I’ve been asked about the most unusual thing I’ve done for work and (writing-wise) it comes from my National Trust days where I created a visitor tour about dust. It might sound dull but it was utterly fascinating. Bringing the latest research to life for the visitors made them see the house in a totally different way.
  • At the National Trust I also learned how to clean a stuffed rhino, earned my scaffolding licence and found out the hard way how to deal with escaped cattle or drowning sheep. But I guess those are less writing-related.

If you’d like to work with this winner, get in touch.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done for work? Join the conversation below…


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