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Reasons to be happy

Political confusion. High pollen count (atchoo). On the face of it, today isn’t great. Add to that the last couple of weeks’ worth of news (terrorism, US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement) and a grey week of weather I’m looking to the positives and taking a break from work.
  • The UK has just elected more female MPs than ever – as I’m typing it stands at 207 (vs 196 in 2015). These include the country’s first female Sikh MP. We also have our first turbaned Sikh MP. A good election for diversity.
  • People voted. It was the highest turnout since 1997, and in particular young people turned out.
  • Trump may be pulling out of the Paris Agreement but that action has got people talking about climate change. 50 US mayors have pledged to keep to the terms of the agreement. Businesses are also on board. I find it hugely heartening that people are voluntarily pledging to uphold the terms when they don’t have to.
  • There’s a new edition of Project Calm out and I’m rummaging through my bag of scraps and pondering what to make.
  • We now know who played Barney the Dinosaur. I don’t know why this makes me so happy but it does.
  • London is currently forecast 23C tomorrow (Saturday) and SUNSHINE. Personally, our local open air pool is now open and I’ll be making the most of it.
  • I know it’s sofa-bound, but I’m enjoying some excellent TV at the moment. I love Doctor Who, and the current series is just getting better and better. Having finally finished reading the Game of Thrones books, I’m watching the box sets for the first time (season 2 at the moment). AND there’s another season coming soon! I’m also loving Handmaids Tale – one of my favourite books growing up and the TV series is definitely doing it justice.
  • My latest LoveFilm DVD (old school I know!) just dropped through the door so I have LalaLand to look forward to in the next few days.
  • There are all sorts of yummy foods in season at the moment – strawberries, raspberries, nectarines, mangetout to name a few. I’m finding inspiration here.

Whatever it is that makes you happy, take some time to enjoy it this weekend!

Originally posted on my previous blog on 9/6/2017

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