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Need More Motivation?


Some days, doing anything at all seems like too much work.

Last week I talked about coming to terms with being someone who struggles with getting motivated and being more motivated as a result.

But you can’t get away from the fact that there will always be days when you HAVE to motivate yourself. You have work due, you have things to do, commitments… so what can you do to force some motivation when you really need it?

Set a timer
I’d been told in the past to set a timer for ten minutes and see how much you can get done. But sometimes even that is too much. Recently someone suggested setting that timer for a mere 2 minutes instead. When my flat is a tip it’s astounding how much of a dent I make in that short time. And once I’ve done two minutes invariably I reset it for another two and we’re away… Getting small things done helps get motivation going. It’s the little bit of momentum you need to start you moving on to bigger things through the day.

Make a list
But not just any list. Make it realistic. Make it just for today. Don’t put so much on it that you don’t stand a chance of getting through it all (by all means have a longer term ‘to do’ list if you’re worried about forgetting longer term jobs). And DO put on it the basic things you need to get done, even if they ‘should’ be routine. So things like ‘shower’, ‘wash up’ and ‘buy milk’ absolutely belong on there. Things you enjoy doing also belong on there. Taking half an hour to read a book or phone a friend is as important as cooking a meal or doing your work.

Get moving, if you can
I find this one really hard but it does make a difference. Getting out of the house and into the fresh air will ALWAYS help (and you won’t dissolve if it’s raining – no excuses). Spending ten minutes in front of a yoga video also helps me. Getting outside AND exercising is even better. I think it’s something to do with the sense of achievement, and of doing something good for yourself, that gives you a pick up for the rest of the day.

Next time you’re flat out on the sofa, trying to drag yourself off but failing miserably, give these a go. Let me know if it helps, and share your own tips!

Originally published on my previous website on 14/5/2017

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