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Grammar, proofreading and why you need to find time for them

The Grammar Vigilante story that hit the news a while back is a reminder to us all about the importance of proof reading your copy and getting your grammar right.

Getting the basics wrong damages the reputation of your business. It shows you don’t value accuracy or quality. If you don’t demonstrate those values in taking care of your own business, you’re showing your customer that you’re not going to extend those same values to the work you do for them.

It’s even worse when words are what you sell. Look at this HORROR of an article that was published on a local news website for a city near where I live:


I mean – seriously?

Someone didn’t hit spellcheck before publish.

To add further entertainment to the whole story, in response to the Grammar Vigilante story the paper in question (and I don’t know why I’m doing them the favour of keeping their name out of this) posted this plea in response:



But there’s a serious message here. Your words are your shop window online. Invest in them and get them right.

Originally published on my previous website on 3/4/2017

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